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Magical landscapes, a diverse array of habitats, and an abundance of such headline species as white-tailed deer, caribou, and Atlantic salmon make Duplessis a favorite destination for fans of hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure.

Whether remote or close to civilization, Duplessis parks, reserves, outfitters, and ZECs (wildlife management areas) deliver unforgettable hunting, fishing, and family getaways. Dreaming of heading out by boat or plane in search of adventure in the Basse-Côte-Nord region or the northern backcountry? Or would you rather explore the more accessible Port-Cartier/Sept-Îles or Minganie areas? Either way you'll find virgin wilderness and pristine nature in abundance.


Fishing Fantasies

Trout and salmon far outnumber people in Duplessis, where you'll catch as many cherished memories as fish. Lakes and rivers in the region are teeming with indigenous brook trout, which in many cases is the only species. The result is unbelievable fishing.

East of Sept-Îles lies the magical kingdom of the Atlantic salmon. Lake trout, ouananiche, whitefish, and northern pike are another reason why anglers fall for our region hook, line, and sinker!

When winter comes, a snowmobile expedition is a great way to go ice fishing. Brook trout can be fished on most rivers and lakes, while the rainbow smelt found at certain river mouths is one of our region's unique attractions.


Extraordinary Hunting Grounds

The hunting possibilities in Duplessis are endless. Moose and black bear are found throughout most of the region, while thousands of white-tailed deer (160,000 at the last count) can be found on Anticosti, where bag rates are among the highest in North America. In the Fermont region, avid caribou hunters can retain the services of an outfitter when the herds pass through on their migration. Also popular are the snowshoe hare, the ruffed grouse, the spruce goose, the willow ptarmigan, and a vast array of waterfowl.

The region is home to over forty outfitters, two controlled harvesting zones (one for salmon and one for game), and a wildlife reserve, many of which have exclusive territorial hunting and fishing rights. They offer accommodation and rental services, and a wide variety of packages to meet every budget. For those who would rather set out on their own, much of the region is still free-access public land.



The region's outfitters are found scattered across the largely untracked wilderness, to which they generally hold exclusive rights. The immense network of lakes and rivers teems with members of the salmon family, including star species like the Atlantic salmon, native brook trout, Arctic char, ouananiche, and sea trout. In addition to caribou, moose, black bear, and small game animals and birds, Duplessis is also one of North America's best places for white-tailed deer hunting.

Outfitters here generally afford plentiful opportunities for R&R, including hiking and mountain biking, swimming, boating, and ice fishing. European and American plan packages are available and run the gamut from luxury inn and cabin stays with gourmet cuisine to more rustic alternatives. Although some outfitters can be reached from Route 138, others are more remote and require transportation by train, boat, plane, floatplane, or helicopter.


The wildlife management areas (ZECs) of the Port-Cartier/Sept-Îles area offer easy access to affordable fishing and hunting. Anglers can fish one of eastern North America's most celebrated salmon and sea trout rivers for very reasonable rates. Brook trout and northern pike are also popular, as are various game animals and waterfowl.

Depending on the season, local ZECs offer vacationers such outdoor activities as canoeing, kayaking, berry picking, climbing, ice fishing, and snowshoeing. Camping and cabins are available, and boats and equipment can be rented onsite. Additional services are just a half hour's drive away in town.

Nom Catégorie Territoire
Pourvoirie Lac Geneviève d'Anticosti Pourvoirie Île d'Anticosti (Port-Menier) 0
Saumon Québec – Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec (FGRSQ) ZEC et association chasse et pêche 0
Association chasse et pêche Septîlienne (ZEC Matimek) ZEC et association chasse et pêche Sept-Îles 0
Association de protection de la Rivière Moisie (ZEC de la rivière Moisie) ZEC et association chasse et pêche Moisie 0
Pourvoirie Moisie Nipissis Pourvoirie Moisie 0
Pourvoirie Baie-Johan-Beetz Pourvoirie Baie-Johan-Beetz 0
Pourvoirie Air Aventure Côte-Nord Pourvoirie Aguanish et Île-Michon 1
Safari Anticosti Pourvoirie Île d'Anticosti (Port-Menier) 0
Pourvoirie du Lac Holt Pourvoirie Havre-Saint-Pierre 0
Mabec limité Pourvoirie Rivière-au-Tonnerre 0
Le Club du Lac Musquaro Pourvoirie Natashquan et Pointe-Parent 0
Sépaq Anticosti Pourvoirie Île d'Anticosti (Port-Menier) 0
Association des pourvoiries de la Côte-Nord ZEC et association chasse et pêche 0
Pourvoirie Kecarpoui Pourvoirie Mutton Bay 0
Pourvoirie de la Haute-Saint-Jean Pourvoirie Rivière-Saint-Jean 0
Les Pourvoyeurs de la Rivière Corneille Pourvoirie Baie-Johan-Beetz 0
Pourvoirie de la Basse-Côte-Nord Pourvoirie Havre-Saint-Pierre 0
Club Cap Natashquan Pourvoirie Natashquan et Pointe-Parent 0
Pourvoirie du Lac Allard et Rivière Mingan Pourvoirie Mingan 0
Association de protection de la Rivière Moisie (Secteur Winthrop-Campbell) ZEC et association chasse et pêche Moisie 1
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