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The Many Faces of the Duplessis Region

Space is tight when trying to describe a region the size of a small country. Summing up 200,000 km2 of land is no mean feat, but just think: enormous, boreal forest, nature, outdoors, sea, beaches, archipelagos, islands, whales, seafood, rivers, fishing, salmon, trout, hunting, caribou, white-tailed deer, snowmobiling, iron, aluminum, hydroelectricity, the northern lights, wildberries, and we could go on...

So let's go on, shall we? Go-getting young towns, old fishing ports, aboriginal communities, English-speaking villages, plus the vast reaches of the backcountry and Basse-Côte-Nord, the scrunch of snow under foot, the salty smell of the sea... Not to mention mammoth seaports and tiny wharves, and ore carriers and fishing boats that ply the St. Lawrence. Starting to get the picture?


Between Land and Sea

In centuries past, trading posts and fishing and forest villages sprang up as settlers traded fur, harvested forests, hunted whales, and fished for cod. In the early 1950s, a nascent mining industry brought with it the construction of rail and port infrastructure, hydroelectricity facilities, and roads. Whole new towns were born, and Sept-Îles, Port-Cartier, Havre-Saint-Pierre, and Fermont prospered, slumped, and prospered anew.

Shortly before it reaches Duplessis, the St. Lawrence River widens and becomes a gulf. From that point on, people refer to it as the sea. The sea is everywhere, featuring stunning coastline, long beaches that rank among Québec's finest, grand archipelagos, and towns and villages anchored to the shore. Today more than ever, with its seafront vistas and lands that are still rich with promise, Duplessis has one foot in the water and the other on dry land.


Fresh Air by the Lungful

Port-Cartier/Sept-Îles, Caniapiscau, Minganie, Île d'Anticosti, and Basse-Côte-Nord-each of the region's main points of interest is unique in its own way, but they all have a unmistakable outdoorsy feel to them. Sparsely populated Duplessis is like a huge adventure playground for all your outdoor, leisure, and vacation desires.

Getaway possibilities galore

In the forest or by the sea, the region is increasingly the "go to" place for people who want to get away from it all. For a wonderful time in a picturesque hamlet by the sea, in one of our parks or wildlife reserves, or in a more urban setting, just take your pick of all the packages and activities available. All year long the region thrums with family festivals, carnivals, and outdoor activities for enthusiasts of all stripes. These great sporting and cultural events are an original way to celebrate local culture year in, year out and are a great source of pride for the people who live there.

Lakes and rivers to explore

Wherever you are in Duplessis, you're never far from forests, lakes, and rivers. Parks, outfitters, and wildlife management areas (ZECs) provide terrific opportunities to hunt moose, caribou, and white-tailed deer or fish for Atlantic salmon in virtually unspoiled surroundings.

Set out today and discover the Duplessis region's five main areas. You'll soon see why each is a world all its own.



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